My Journey to becoming a Teacher

There is always a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow and I have always been searching for it, each new adventure has a learned experience.

I have always been involved in the creative area from a very early age, whether it was painting, pottery, crafts, how things were made, or poetry to article writing. I remember in pre-school always painting and making crafty things, getting home and my clothes were full of paint and soiled. To the extent that I needed to know how toilets worked and blocked the whole system with buckets of sand, just to see where it went and how it flushed.  I was so in trouble for that. My junior days were filled with sports and puzzles and drawing, always questioning why this and why that, it was like I had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I recall a period of rebellion and as punishment was assigned tasks at the local disability centre, this is where I am sure my kind-hearted spirit was developed. Seeing and helping others that were less fortunate than myself was rewarding and I made it a once a month event to go there. I worked with them, either painting, cutting hair, talking about things and really just involving myself in their world to try and understand it. My extra curriculum areas during this time were painting and pottery classes, sports and horse riding.

My High school days were filled with learning exciting things in Geography and History, also adjusting to our own history that was being made in Zimbabwe. UDI I passed my 3-year Textile art and design study with two distinctions, 3 credits and a pass. This was just the beginning of my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and how things worked and were created. From my first job designing jacquards for towels into developing my own style of fabric design and gym wear, right through to the graphical commercial industry designing calendars whilst increasing sales revenue for companies with research and visual stimulation surveys of the market, I have experienced a lot, learnt a lot and yet still I feel I do not know enough. It was after launching a graphic design marketing company in Zimbabwe, that I  felt I could grow in my creativity.

I taught myself how to use a computer, taught myself how to work with CorelDraw, designing and creating from client’s briefs, capturing their ideas and putting them onto paper so that their ideas became a reality. With my personable approach attitude, I built a reputation that nothing was too difficult, from working with rebranding hotels to coordinating a wedding, I thrived on the experience. If I was going to offer something to a client, then I’d better learn everything about it, that was my approach to life and work. I would take time to work in the community helping teach craftwork and design with the disabled and I’ve certainly built many a contraption to help get a job done. Problem-solving was the most exciting game in the industry for me and I’ve always kept abreast with new technology, to the extent I built my own computer when I arrived in this country from bits and pieces at the skip.

I enrolled in this course because I want to teach, to pass on my learned experiences and knowledge to the next generation. I cannot do that without fully understanding myself or the creative world as it grows. This course will show me how. My end game has and always will be about helping others by using my creativity to stimulate a new way of feeling, doing, searching or creating to benefit their lives.

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