Visit to the V&A – The Craft Prize

My visit to the V&A to walk around the Women’s hour Craft Prize drew up many questions and feeling for me. I have tried to express as much as possible with these few written words. Contemporary art has certainly changed and grown.

Winner – Pheobe Cummings

I love clay, texture, feel the fact that it melts in your hands. The delicate work is precise and almost flawless.  The thought that this particular piece of work doesn’t last but washes away over time. It boggles the mind, what draws someone to create such a piece and then only for it to disappear. Is art and time (manual labour) worth anything or does it live in the moment only to be savoured in that time and place?

I was mesmerised I must say maybe art is forever changing never the same and never lasting.


Laura Youngson Coll

Creating nature using nature. I find this work captivating, every detail thought out and all made with delicate love and patience. It was like being underwater but out on land. The creatures from the deep, and yet there is a resemblance to natures intricate flower life. How each petal is created and joined and fitted together.

How could we as humans even come close to the perfection of nature? Yet we do try and we will continue to aim to control nature. I think it’s the creative mind that draws me to this work and how each detail is woven together to make a design.


Neil Brownsword

I thought about the fact of mass production wondering and questioning human work over robotic work. This work by Brownsword leaves me feeling lost, sad, that something that once was will no more be. His simple but apt way of making you think about how our culture is forever changing, developing and sometimes crushing delicate parts along the way.

A highlighted skill that may be forever lost to the world, due to new inventions and a want for quick mass production over a fine work by hand.

Emma Woffenden

I found Emma’s work a reminder to Salvador Dali, something surreal, yet not so surreal. How the use of glass merges into nature, causing distortion to the mind and the eye. The question to me is what is the message, if any, from the artist? The use of the human form, in glass, are we fragile and yet we are able to morph into each area of life, merging to be something we are not? It would appear so to some extent. We are creatures that are Impressionable and I feel so eager to fit into this world, that sometimes I feel we may have lost our identity.

There were many more artists and the link below will take you to a video intro as well as more detail on each entry. Some really wonderful work by all the artists and it’s inspiring to see.  The Women’s hour Craft Prize


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